Wynot Brand


Everything is already invented.

Things are like that because they are.

We were born from a Why not? and that spirit of rebellion is what keeps us convinced, day by day, that through innovation and freshness, it is possible to make a hole in a world apparently as crowded as ours.

We do not want to be like others, but it is not good enough to be different, our challenge is to continue giving the best of ourselves to bring you new proposals, always betting on originality and keeping our essence intact. Because after all, it's the one that brought us here. What we are. 10 brothers, an after-dinner and the idea of starting this adventure together.


When preparing each collection, we try to find inspiration in different cultures, trends, designers, artists, songs, movies, books, cities ...

Anyone can become the spark that drives the creation of a new limited edition of straps for our Button Watch. That is why behind each strap there is a hidden story that deserves to be told and that you will find if you dive a bit through the web ;)

All Button Straps are handmade one by one in Spain which makes them as unique as the people who wear them.