Wynot spirit



In Wynot Watches we actively participate, promote and finance 7 projects and we want to give the opportunity to participate to our clients. All you have to do is tell us in a message when purchasing a Wynot. For you there will be no additional cost, but we allocate a part of the price to finance the activities. In addition we will send you photographic / video material with concrete solidarity action that has helped to get ahead.


Project with which it is tried to teach and to educate through the children who live in this shanty town. It is a neighborhood that is next to the Cañada Real, exit 12 (Valdemingomez) of the A3. "Little has achieved a large part of the children of this shantytown, which is so close to the center of Madrid, learn to wash their hands and teeth, to say please and thank you, to pick up the toys when they finish To play ... "

In addition to making them the company of Sundays, we have graded the children's sight, helped what they needed (with clothes, shoes, food ...) to try to make life easier

School support

It consists of helping children between 3 and 6 of primary who can not study at home because of their family possibilities. We help them do the homework they have and teach them to study for the rest of the week from their account users and users to take the course. After the study is usually organized a football match

Cañada Real

It is a succession of buildings and shanty towns along a 15-kilometer journey. It is an "exiled" territory of Madrid, a point of sale of miles of daily drug doses.

We want to be part of the other side of La Cañada, there is not only drugs and delinquency but Humanity. It is a project in which it is a question of helping and helping those who are addicted, that society has stopped helping.

Full guts

The aim of the initiative is to group people willing to dedicate a small part of their time to people who need it. People who live on the street and those who a simple conversation can change the day.

AIDS patients

The house of Ermita del Santo (Holy Mother Teresa) houses 15 HIV-infected men. Volunteering is in the afternoon on Fridays to be in the sick and have a good time with them. They are great guys who end up having a lot of confidence. I also need help for dinner, to clean the house, tender the clothes .... And the boys also help with the rehabilitation and a meter in the bed.

In a short time the life and history of each patient, their circumstances and a great affection are known to them, while facing the reality of this serious illness.

The Parral

El Parral is a shelter for mothers and their children in situations of high vulnerability, poverty and risk of social exclusion in Aravaca.

It consists of the children to have a moment of fun a week and thus, also give time to their mothers to train.


A palliative care hospital where one day becomes very hard for the sick and, above all, for their families. Volunteering takes place on Friday afternoon makes this day easier and relatives can also rest that afternoon. They expect with much emotion "the party of Fridays" where a workshop is done, they dance flamenco or they are simply made a good company time.

Do we pretend to change the world? At least do and make us a little better. To give our time, to be generous, to learn to truly value what we have, to offer help to those who need it, to be the support of the one who seeks in something to harm, to love the least of them. We want to be where others do not want to be.

Volunteering is the most selfish way to serve, you go to help others and end up helping you.