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¿What is Boost Your Wynot?

"BOOST YOUR WYNOT" is a project born of our desire to take our customers to live their time. A new concept with the ambition to give you the opportunity to live incredible experiences simply by wearing a wynot watch on the wrist.

The operation is very simple. Get your Wynot and follow us through Facebook, Instagram or our web, where we will tell you all the experiences in which you can always participate FREE just by having a Wynot Watch. What are you waiting for?

Wynot Watches - Boost Your Wynot


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Wynot sponsors XE Racing Academy, a reference school in Spain for its quarry. In this season 2017 the team counts on competing drivers in the Champion Cradle of Champions (Moto 5 and Pre Moto 4) Cup and the Spanish mini-speed Cup (moto 5, Mini GP 110 and minimoto)

The owners of a Wynot have the opportunity to attend all races in a very special way. You can see both the team's bikes and the young promises of the team and have a guided tour of the paddock with the help of a professional XE Racing Team. All this always totally FREE and only for having a Wynot.

The schedule of races that can be attended is as follows:

Copa de Promoción Cuna de Campeones

30/04/2017Circuito de Albacete
28/05/2017Circuit de BCN Catalunya
04/06/2017Circuito de Alcarrás (Lérida)
25/06/2017Circuito de Navarra
09/07/2017Circuit Ricardo Tormo (Valencia)
03/09/2017Circuito de Estoril (Alcabideche, Portugal)
11/11/2017Circuit Ricardo Tormo (Valencia)

Campeonato de España de Mini Velocidad

16/04/2017Karting Sevilla
14/05/2017Circuit Ricardo Tormo (Valencia)
30/07/2017Circuito Int de Zuero (Zaragoza)
15/10/2017Fortuna Motorsport (Murcia)

If you would like to attend any of the races, please write to wynot@wynotwatches.com at least 5 days in advance so that we can send you Accreditation and the necessary information.

Boost Your Wynot - Copa cuna de campeones


The Button Watch Party

In July all owners of a Wynot were able to attend the presentation party of the new collection "The Button Watch". More than 100 people came and it was a pleasure to share such an important day with you. Thanks for all!

In this video you can see a brief summary of what was the Button Watch party. Do you appear? Share it. You do not show up? See you in the next experience!

Eccola Bar

Last Thursday, April 6th, all Wynot owners were able to enjoy a free Colombian Jazz concert, dinner and free bar at Eccola Bar. You came 100 of us and we had a great time!

In this video you can see a brief summary of what was the second Boost your Wynot experience. Do you appear? Share it. You do not show up? See you in the next experience !!


Last Thursday, March 16th, all Wynot owners had the opportunity to fly. You came many of you, we had the opportunity to meet you, to have fun and to advance you all that is to come. We are proud to have put our grain of sand to make you spend a special afternoon. 

In this video you can see a brief summary of what was the first Boost your Wynot experience.